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Mostly Harmless Software    2019-01-13 (22:46:07)

New video showing multiple devices and HOLD function here :-

Mostly Harmless Software    2019-01-13 (18:55:55)

To share a patch (cc or arp) simply type a message about what you are sharing and then copy and paste the contents of the file into the "Message" box below your message.

The code will then be replaced with dashes in the guestbook but a link to "Download as file" will be included at the bottom of the post, that is the full file ready for use in the PL2 editor and arp. This post contains an arp pattern I used for a demo video, save it as a .arp file:-


Download as file
Mostly Harmless Software    2019-01-13 (17:31:13)

Welcome to the Mostly Harmless Software Guestbook !

Feel free to contact me regarding anything to do with Mostly Harmless Software or the PL2 synth editor and Arpeggiator page. Feedback and even requests are welcome although I don't get a lot of time to dedicate to this project.

If you are reporting a bug it is important that you check that bug exists when using it online, offline use is allowed but not officially supported.

You can also share synth and arp patches by posting them in here, just copy them from your file and post them. People can then copy from the guestbook and save to a *.cc or *.arp file.

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