The Mostly Harmless ΠΛ2 (PL2) browser based midi editor and arpeggiator.


Versions :-

v1.5 - Current version
Bugfixes related to loading and sending radio buttons (Oscillator Mode)
Second arp can now use different MIDI channel or MIDI device.
Can now send patch change to second device.
Cleaned up file format. This may effect synth patches saved in the old version, most should function fine. If they dont sound the same then try playing with the last few settings (Oscillator Mode, Output level/saturation,Pre Filter Volume,Key-Off Attack,Mod Wheel Mode,Sustain Hold,Priority & Aftertouch).
Total rewrite of all midi send code, rewrite of all arp processing code, rewrite of some file handling and CC send code.
These changes will allow me to add generic CC faders in order to edit other (non PL2) synths as well as add more Arps in future.
Formatted into a single file for easier use offline (not officially supported, if you find a bug please check it online before reporting it).
Can now set accent to not effect arp 2.
Switching device now sends notes off to all devices.
New "HOLD" checkbox on each step of arp1 to trigger a full length (100% gate) note.
New "notes off" for each arp. This sends a simple notes off request to that device (rather than physically sending a note off message for every key (like the PANIC does)
v1.4 - Several bugfixes related to loading patches. Added muting for each arpeggiator and a arp based LFO for slow filter sweeps.
v1.3 - Added load and save of patterns and synth patches
v1.2 - Bugfixes, readable notes now displayed for each step (onchange)
v1.1 - Added midi channel and midi device switching
v1.0 - Initial public release
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